• Kayne Sheenan

    Kayne Sheenan

    Kayne is DeFi Analyst working for Bisonai, a DeFi company in Seoul, South Korea. He previously worked in law and education in Australia and Japan.

  • Unica Le

    Unica Le

  • Mark Polonskiy

    Mark Polonskiy

  • Shirley Laffa

    Shirley Laffa

    Happily sharing my funny true stories/what I’ve learned from mistakes along the way. My book: https://amzn.to/3s01fDv Twitter: @shirley_laffa

  • Aubrey Ellis

    Aubrey Ellis

  • Sarah Ahmed

    Sarah Ahmed

    Learning. Still learning. Always learning. So much learning. Oy, the learning. What are YOU learning? (I write more @theOpalApp)

  • Pranol Mathew

    Pranol Mathew

    One day I’ll find the right words and they’ll be simple. Plugging in different cords- sometimes the wrong ones on purpose & the right ones on accident…

  • Diane Park

    Diane Park

    User Experience Designer @ LinkedIn

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