21 things I learned before turning 22

(Left) August 2020: Linkedin post on my 21st birthday (Right) August 2021: Instagram post on my 22nd birthday
  1. Take pleasure in the simple things (be grateful for even the smallest things in life)
  2. Treasure your childhood passions. Keep them close to your heart < 3
  3. It is okay to not pursue a career out of your first love passion aka childhood passion. It’s either going to be your career or side hustle or self care. It will always remain in your life as long as you treasure it always. It’s your soulmate for a reason.
  4. The best friendships will never be questioned. You will get true happiness, laughter, and reassurance from those friendships.
  5. Saturdays are my self care days. I take myself on a date, I go to ballet class, and I sleep.
  6. You come first. Never let a job/employer dominate who you are and your happiness. If that employer truly cares about you, they will respect you for your needs and who you are.
  7. Have hobbies—A hobby outside your current field, a hobby that relaxes your mind, a hobby that lights your soul, a hobby that shines light on your inner child…etc
  8. Invest in your knowledge. Never stop learning, and never stop being curious ❤
  9. Write your ideas down and implement them into reality.
  10. Self discipline is a hard skill to learn. I am forever grateful to ballet for teaching this to me from such a young age (I learnt this the hard way…)
  11. Appreciate the value of mentorship. I look up to my teachers, managers, and older co-workers as my mentors— I love listening to their stories, and learning from their experiences.
  12. Learn how to understand and analyze your emotions.
  13. Verbalize your appreciation to your loved ones. They will only know if you say it to them.
  14. Journal about your day. (the good, the bad, the lessons, and all the emotions—You will understand yourself better.)
  15. Don’t just aimlessly aim higher. It’s important to strive for better everyday but make sure to look back and remind yourself how far you’ve come and be proud of that :)
  16. Build good habits. Start today— your future self will thank you.

With that being said, what are some of things you would tell your younger 22nd year old self?




Ballerina turned Product Designer 📍NYC. Designing experiences and storytelling through movement and technology.

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Rina Takikawa

Rina Takikawa

Ballerina turned Product Designer 📍NYC. Designing experiences and storytelling through movement and technology.

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