Life is pretty fascinating in the way it connects everything.

All the experiences (both the good and bad), lessons, and those intense ballet classes I’ve been through has prepared me to become the product designer I am today 🦋

A year ago on my 21st birthday, I published a post reflecting on my 20th year. I wrote how scary 20 was— the decline of passion in my long held dream, the loneliness I felt, and the trauma from the after math complications. But aside from that, I also wrote about my excitement as I discovered a new world outside of…

The studio that was once my favorite place to be at, slowly turned into somewhere I dreaded going to…

When I stopped pursuing ballet as a career, I always sensed some type of pity from people’s responses. It was always, “Oh no, but you’ve worked so hard” or “あら、もったいない” which translates to “Ah, what a waste.”

Everybody around me knew that I had shed literal blood, sweat, and tears in order to become a professional ballerina. So I guess it makes sense that they “pitied” me. Or maybe they thought I just ”gave up and quit.”

I never really explained…

Rina Takikawa

Ballerina turned Product Designer 📍NYC. Designing experiences and storytelling through movement and technology.

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